• people:

    PAY ATTENTION!! everyday.

    And try not to forget what you see,
    and what you hear.

    (and the way your lover's breath feels on your neck when he/she sleeps contently upon your chest)

    I feel like my heart might run out of beats at any fucking moment. So I'm trying my damnedest to buckle-down and make good work, and live a decent enough life that I won't be totally pissed and unfulfilled when it leaves me,

    or I leave it.

    " Have you ever read Henry Rollins’ book, Get In the Van? You should. That’s where we got the whole concept of “getting in the van.” It’s not just about being in a band. It’s about anything from being a gardener to being a writer. It’s just about not wussing out. It’s about doing what you do on the level you want it to be at, no matter if no one else likes it. It’s about spending all your time on it... If you’re committed, you have to breathe it. Being an artist or a musician or a yoga master or an athlete, you have to do it every single day. You don’t take days off. You don’t take days off from sleeping! You don’t take days off from going to the bathroom! Like, get in the van means that whatever you do, you take it as seriously as you take breathing and eating and taking a shit. It’s basically life or death. "

    -Chloe Lum, Serigraphie Populaire/AIDS Wolf

  • Friday, January 2nd, 2009.

    Stoic Swine: soul in the soot, head in the ether.

    When faced with a blank surface, Mr. Swine approaches drawing as a ritual where one must become entranced with the current of unnavigable mark-to-plane. Stoic finds it compelling when an image uses the artist as a vehicle in its own creation. This is an act of Magic, where the creator becomes but a minor component in providing a visual identity for its desired content.

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